the souvenir totem of our customers

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We looked for an idea to have on the Domaine an instagramable structure or memories for our customers.
Thanks to the idea of ​​our friend Hervé de Bordeaux, we created a Totem made from driftwood and Muriel made signs to allow you to write on it with paint marker what you want at the moment..

the book box for all our gites

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Muriel and Laurent had the idea of ​​offering you, for your days of relaxation and enjoying the legendary calm of our gites in the south of France, a book box.

the henhouse of the estate

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After discovering an old henhouse hidden among brambles and heather, we had the idea of ​​rehabilitating it to make it come 4 magnificent laying hens "Pedra" "Llampada" "Pietra" and "Bianca" which will allow us, depending on the quantity of eggs, to offer a welcome basket to our future customers to welcome them. The chicken coop located at the bottom of the garden, hidden in the heart of the vegetation surrounding the gîtes.

Eco-responsible approach

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We have taken the decision to undertake an eco-responsible approach in several phases for our estate.

Phase 1 – Active

  • All our cottages are equipped with LED lighting.
  • We use ecological products for cleaning and disinfection.
  • The toilets are equipped with a dual flush mechanism 3/6 liters.
  • We have implemented waste management with selective sorting.

Phase 2 – Active

  • We have installed photovoltaic panels for sustainable development, which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions (bilan carbone).
  • To optimize the use of solar energy produced by the estate's panels, it is recommended to adjust your electricity consumption habits and consume more during solar production hours, either from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. in summer and from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter.
  • Our off-peak hours are 12:54 a.m. to 6:54 a.m. and 2:24 p.m. to 4:24 p.m.. We therefore encourage you, as far as possible, to use washing machines and electrical appliances during these hours, which will allow you to consume the electricity produced by the estate.
  • A composter is at your disposal for the management of household waste.
  • We are labeled “Home Bike” and we offer bicycles on loan, with or without electric assistance, on the estate in order to promote ecological travel and limit the carbon impact.
  • As part of our eco-responsible approach, we also welcomed chickens, where you can donate some of your food waste.
  • We offer boards “Tapas” and wines, emphasizing the use of only local or homemade products.
  • Water regulator reducers have been installed on all the taps in the gîtes.
  • A water purifier and filtration system from “fontaigue” have been set up for your comfort, and bottles are made available to you in order to reduce the purchase of plastic bottles. This filtration also extends the life of devices such as cumulus, dishwasher, making things, as well as pipes.

Phase 3 – Project

  • We plan to set up a gray water recycling system to reuse it for watering and toilets.
  • A rainwater collection tank will be installed and used for the gite toilets and watering.
  • An underground tank will be dedicated to the recovery and dechlorination of the water discharged from the swimming pool.
  • We plan to create a vegetable garden and plant fruit trees and conifers.
  • Switches will be replaced by detectors.
  • We plan to insulate the walls from the outside.
  • New lodgings will be created, including 1 PMR and Eco-responsible.